8 Tips to Manage Arthritis and Ease Joint Pain During Winter

While winters in New Jersey are tough for many folks under normal circumstances, when you’re trying to manage the joint pain and inflammation that come with arthritis, life can be even more uncomfortable. 

Luckily, there are ways to weather the winter with relative ease if you follow a few good tips, like the ones our team here at Genesis Regenerative Sports and Aesthetic Medicine has pulled together.

1. Get moving

Your joints are designed to move, even if you’re struggling with arthritis. While moving may seem like the last thing your beleaguered joints should do, the fact is that movement allows critical resources to flow in to combat inflammation and stiffness. 

Not to mention, a good exercise regimen can also beef up the muscles that surround your joints, taking some of the pressure off of them.

When we say move, you don’t have to get on the treadmill for hours. Simply walking around your neighborhood can do wonders for your joints.

2. Wear the right shoes

While we’re on the subject of moving, be sure that you equip yourself with shoes that not only keep your feet warm, but also provide plenty of traction and water resistance. Taking a tumble on some ice is the last thing your aching joints need.

3. Get some sun

While inclement weather may drive you indoors, we urge you to take advantage of those East Coast winter days when the sun peeks through. The sun is your primary source of vitamin D, which is critical for bone strength.

4. Take a bath

One of the nicest things to do on a cold wintry day is to soak in a warm bath. Warm water not only takes the chill off, it can soothe achy joints. 

If you want to really get the most out of warm water, why not find an indoor pool with heated water? This way you can move your joints at the same time as you apply a little heat therapy to them.

5. Stretch it out

Another great way to keep your joints comfortable is to put a good stretching regimen in place. By ensuring that the supporting tissues around your joints stay flexible, you can retain your range of motion despite your arthritis. A great way to incorporate stretching into your day is to join an online yoga class.

6. Prioritize your sleep

Your body needs ample rest each night so that it can repair and rebuild itself. We suggest that you get eight hours of good restorative sleep each night, which will help combat joint inflammation.

7. Stay hydrated

While your thirst may not be high during winter, you should continue to hydrate. Drinking eight glasses of water a day is a great rule of thumb that not only serves your joints, but your overall health and wellness.

8. Get the right team

If you’re struggling with joint pain, it’s important that you come see us. We offer a wide range of solutions, from joint injections to regenerative medicine, that will help ease your arthritis pain any time of the year.

If you have more questions about managing your arthritis this winter, contact our office in Westfield, New Jersey. Together, we can work toward pain-free, inflammation-free joints.

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