Is Your Foot Problem Due to Plantar Fasciitis?

Even the most minor pain in your feet can be tough to ignore since you rely so heavily on these appendages to get you through the day. For this reason, it’s important to address foot pain sooner rather than later so that you can get on with the business of life.

To that end, our team here at Genesis Regenerative Sports and Aesthetic Medicine pulled together a quick primer on one of the more common causes of foot and heel pain — plantar fasciitis. While not necessarily serious, this condition can be quite uncomfortable, which makes seeking relief for plantar fasciitis a good idea.

A singular pain

The pain that accompanies plantar fasciitis is singular and hard to mistake. In most cases, it presents as a searing or jabbing sensation across the bottom of your foot and in your heel -- starting with your first steps in the morning. 

This discomfort can develop any time your feet have been at rest for extended periods, so you may also experience it when you get up from your desk after a long day.

The reason behind this pain is damage in your plantar fascia — a band of tissue that runs from the base of your toes to your heels. Your plantar fascia is primarily responsible for supporting your arches. During the course of their duties, these supportive tissues can become over-stressed and develop tiny tears.

In response to this stress, your plantar fascia becomes inflamed and tight, especially when the tissue is inactive. So, when you first take to your feet, the tissue stretches out quite painfully, but the pain is usually short-lived as your plantar fascia adjusts.

Treating plantar fascia

If you suspect you have plantar fasciitis, there are some steps you should take at home to help your plantar fascia heal, including:

If your foot and heel pain don’t improve with these at-home therapies, it’s time to come see us. Left unchecked, plantar fasciitis can lead to bone spurs in your heels, which can only exacerbate your foot pain.

As a regenerative medicine practice, we offer several treatments aimed at swiftly healing and repairing your plantar fascia, including:

If you want to learn more about these innovative therapies for relieving your plantar fasciitis pain, contact our office in Westfield, New Jersey, to set up an appointment. Or you can set up your visit while you’re here on the website -- just click the “book online” button.

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